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Ask us anything about 3D rendering for your next project and we’ll be happy to help. Whether it’s about 3D visualisation, 3D rendering, interiors, exteriors or anything else you can think of, just ask and we’ll answer quickly.

  • How many revisions can I make?
    We give our clients 3 major review sessions to review images and mark-up their comments and changes. Whilst we’re happy to make revisions after the 3 review sessions any major due to design revisions or client oversight will incur additional costs. We want your job to stay on time and on budget, so please review your images carefully.
  • How long does it take?
    Ready To Go Renders These are renders that have a short delivery deadline. They usually take about 3 to 5 days per image to complete depending on complexity and requirement. All design and documentation for this type of job must be supplied complete and final to meet the set turnaround time. Extra revision during the production process may result in delay and added cost so it’s best ensure everything is complete, approved and final, before you send it to us. Design Development Renders These are renders that need longer to complete and are usually for projects that are subject to design changes or ongoing development. These type of jobs may include a series of progress renders during the course of design development to aid the architect / designer visually in finalizing the job. From our experience these type of jobs will usually require more then 3 review sessions with a completion time of approximately 7 to 15 days or more.
  • What are the terms and conditions?
    Terms and Conditions A purchase order, signed Fee proposal or a job confirmation form is required prior to start of production. This quote is valid for 30 days. A 50% deposit fee is required prior to start of production. Final 50% (plus all client variations, which will be itemised in the final invoice if applicable) to be paid on completion and delivery of this project. Please note final resolution renders will only be supplied after final invoice payment has been received. Other services such as design or consulting work outside the above scope of work will be charged at $150.00 p/h and will be included in the final invoice. This includes photography, videography, couriers and disbursements incurred in the course of the project, all payable within seven (07) days of the date of invoice. All renders and output images remain the intellectual property of Reflections 3D Studio until the final invoice is paid and received in full. Retrieval of completed and archived projects and transfer via usb or e-mail, regardless of the size of the job, will be charged on a minimum hourly rate of $75.00 / hour plus materials. This data retrieval is limited to final render files in image format, we will retain all Intellectual Property of all raw asset files, working files and models and related software settings. Whilst all care is taken to ensure accuracy in project/s undertaken by Reflections 3D Studio (its subsidiaries and its staff) we are however, not responsible for any loss or damage caused once a project/s has been signed off by client.
  • How do you deliver the files?
    Your images will be digitally delivered in standard jpeg format at 5000 x 150dpi. Of course, we’re happy to deliver your files in any format that you choose. There may be an additional charge for images that are larger than 5000 x 150dpi. We’ll let you know if this is the case before we deliver your files.
  • What additional fees are there?
    Some examples of where additional costs and fees are listed below. We’ll always let you know if your job is going over budget and why before we continue to work on it. Additional design changes from design revisions or client oversight after the allocated 3 review sessions per image. Render resolution requirements are larger than the standard 5000px / 150 dpi Modelling large complex scenes, such as master planning work and similar, are subject to discussions and may incur additional costs. Urgent jobs with 1 - 2 days turn around, these types of jobs will be assessed by the archive team as far as meeting the deadline is concerned. Depending on complexity and timeframe this type of work may incur additional charges.
  • How do I get started?
    Below is a check list of the items that we need before we can start your project. The list may vary depending on what your project requirements are. The sooner we receive your items the sooner we can make a start. Once we have received and checked all of your material we will give you a schedule, with a start date, that oultines each stage. Completed 3D models of the project (if any).Final 3D model of building in Revit, SketchUp or 3dsmax format. Full set of architectural plans, elevations, sections and details in cad dwg and pdf format. Sketches of the project. All marketing and branding material produced for this project. Material finishing schedule both external and internal. Landscaping plans. Any comments regarding the best view of the project. Reference photography of the site and the surroundings. Stock photographs and/or stock video footages Any other reference or mood/vibe images (where relevant...) Digital data, print maps or other location information.

We’re the 3D render company with the people, the software and the experience to create the imagery you need and give you the value you’re looking for.

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